Baroque pearl adds a twist to the classic

Suited for fine jewellery creations, baroque pearls appeal mostly to the clientele who appreciates rarity and individuality. They are almost like the sea’s own whimsical fairy tales, with silhouettes dictated by nature and allure that exudes charm and uniqueness. Their silky surfaces inspire the most creative pieces of jewellery. The shape, which possesses a life and personality all its own, usually determines the starting point and direction of a design.

Baroque South Sea pearls are renowned for their unique shapes — individual, irregular, and free in form. Baroque South Sea pearls produced by the Pinctada maxima continue to fascinate, thanks to their presence and rarity. Often used as a centrepiece for stunning creations, a baroque pearl is never just a part of a piece of jewellery — it is often the focus of a creation. With a timeless beauty that changes with every turn of the pearl, baroque pearl creations never fail to fascinate, surviving all fashion trends and short-lived fads.