Bold, vibrant masterpieces take centre stage

Women will always and forever be partial to classic, white diamonds. That’s a given. The notion that a sparkling solitaire diamond engagement ring is the epitome of the most romantic gesture in the world has been instilled in us for decades.

Yet, this doesn’t mean our hearts won’t skip a beat or two at the sight of a 10ct unheated Burmese ruby ring, for instance, or a stunning pear-shaped sapphire elegantly dangling on someone’s ear.

With the rising trend in coloured jewellery, are diamonds still a girl’s best friend? In an interview with World Finance, Ian Harebottle, CEO of Gemfields, shares: “Following a few decades of domination by the clear stone, the coloured gemstone revolution is most definitely back.” Fashion trends in general encourage individuality and unique preferences, hence the increase in demand for coloured stones in engagement rings, for example. “Opting for coloured gemstone jewellery provides a platform to make a statement, whether elegant or bold, it reflects a gusto for life and uniqueness”, says Susan Abeles, US Director of Jewellery at Bonhams, in the same World Finance article.

From Dolce & Gabbana’s colourful, floral patterns to Gucci’s hot pink ensembles, recent fashion shows also confirmed the industry’s current obsession with colours. Hot on their heels are high jewellery brands with stunning colourful pieces, such as Chopard’s Red Carpet collection and Piaget’s Rose Passion collection.

It’s only fitting that we pay tribute to the wonders of colourful gemstones and focus the spotlight on vibrant masterpieces — bold, fun, flamboyant jewels.