SOLITAIRE was established in 2002 and is the most recognised magazine title read and collected by jewellery connoisseurs and throughout the Asia Pacific and the world.

SOLITAIRELUXE.COM is an all-round guide for fine jewellery connoisseurs, covering the latest and best of glamorous, exclusive jewellery and iconic jewellery watches. SOLITAIRELUXE.COM addresses collectors and aficionados from around the world, providing insights into the insider world of high jewellery.

SOLITAIRELUXE.COM covers segments on knowledge, style, heritage, designs, famous collections, innovations, fashion and jewellery pairings. SOLITAIRELUXE.COM is a part of group behind SOLITAIRE MAGAZINE, the world’s most recognised media brand covering fine jewellery and watches.

SOLITAIRELUXE.COM is built upon the interest of our existing print readers and new savvy luxury followers who are constantly on the move. With just a swipe across your screen, get mobile with SOLITAIRELUXE.COM, as it brings you the latest, best and most glamorous stories.