A tribute to the fashion-forward amethyst

With a cultural history spanning millennia, the amethyst has been appreciated for its rich, deep colour associated with both the Roman emperors and French wine. Yet the gemstone’s charm simply lies in its ability to woo women’s fashion sensibilities around the world.



In Damiani’s Margherita collection, diamonds entwined with amethysts to create sparkling petals. Enrico Grassi Damiani dedicated a charming collection to Queen Margherita of Italy, the wife of king Umberto I. And from these old sketches, the brand has rediscovered the splendour of a timeless past.


Large precious stones are the creative pretext for Palmiero to breathe life into fascinating small sculptures. This Captured Stone ring is set with colourless diamonds, sapphires, and a whopping 54ct cabochon-cut amethyst.

Staurino Fratelli

This rose gold ring features a large cabochon-cut amethyst, surrounded by two rows of smaller amethysts. Brilliants set in white gold embrace the bigger stone, accentuating and complimenting its deep violet shade.

Yoko London

Yoko London’s Calypso collection enhances the natural beauty of the pinkish-white South Sea cultured pearls. These earrings are made of 18K rose gold and set with 14-15 mm South Sea cultured pearls, diamonds, sapphires, and amethysts.

Der Mond

Der Mond’s amethyst ring is rich in details and meticulous workmanship, featuring brilliant-cut diamonds and a centre amethyst stone. With an elaborate and modern design, the piece stands out in its simplicity.


These amethyst earrings from Angeletti combine the elegance of the brand’s Bell and Embrace collections. The result is a sophisticated and distinctive jewel, which stands out for its luminosity.

Castaldi Gioielli

The flower-inspired Giada collection by Castaldi Gioielli upholds the ancient tradition of gemstone carving. In these earrings made of 18K rose gold, oval amethysts are the anchor points that uphold carved lavender jade in orchid shapes.


This article was originally published in Solitaire 90, The Colours Edition.