We know of the fair and popular sister — the white, lustrous pearl. But, the black pearl is the one to truly marvel. Its dark colour gives a mysterious shade. Although rare, many would have chanced upon the black pearl adorned on various exquisite jewellery pieces. At SolitaireLuxe, we list four facts you need to know about the black pearl.


Pearl necklace from the Beloved Moments collection, LARRY JEWELRY

1. The black pearl is also known as the Tahitian pearl as it is mainly cultivated around the French Polynesian islands, particularly Tahiti. It is one of the largest export products off the islands.


Black pearl with black diamonds bracelet, DIONEA ORCINI


2. They are not completely black. Most Tahitian pearls have charcoal grey, silver, or dark green undertones.


3. It comes from a specific type of oyster: black-lip pearl oyster


Lasya choker with Tahiti black pearls, DIONEA ORCINI


4. According to a myth, the God of Peace and Fertility, Oro visited Earth to bring a magical oyster called The Ufi to the Polynesian people. When Oro discovered the black pearl that appeared from within The Ufi, he offered it to Princess Bora Bora as a symbol of his love.


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